Country Report Swaziland January 2008

Outlook for 2008-09: Forecast summary

Swaziland: forecast summary
(% unless otherwise indicated)
Real GDP growth2.
Consumer price inflation (av)5.3c7.56.56.0
Short-term interbank rate11.2c11.511.711.0
Government balance (% of GDP)d2.3-0.8-1.8-3.8
Exports of goods fob (US$ m)1,877.41,927.21,976.12,004.0
Imports of goods fob (US$ m)1,808.31,930.52,074.62,133.1
Current-account balance (US$ m)23.7-40.4-105.6-140.3
Current-account balance (% of GDP)0.8-1.4-3.7-4.5
External debt (year-end; US$ m)482.7540.4576.1586.3
Exchange rate E:US$ (av)6.77c7.257.708.00
Exchange rate E:¥100 (av)5.83c6.177.338.31
Exchange rate E:€ (av)8.50c9.9211.2410.62
Exchange rate E:SDR (av)9.96c11.1412.3012.34
a Economist Intelligence Unit estimates. b Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts. c Actual. d Year beginning April 1st.

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