Country Report Swaziland January 2008

Economic structure: Annual indicators

GDP at market prices (E bn)14.416.317.419.220.4
GDP (US$ bn)
Real GDP growth (%)
Consumer price inflation (av; %)
Population (m)
Exports of goods fob (US$ m)1,484.81,741.11,824.71,877.41,927.2
Imports of goods fob (US$ m)1,442.11,601.11,751.81,808.31,930.5
Current-account balance (US$ m)36.374.025.923.7-40.4
Foreign-exchange reserves excl gold (US$ m)277.5323.6243.9372.5a381.5
Total external debt (US$ bn)
Debt-service ratio, paid (%)
Exchange rate (av) E:US$
a Actual. b Economist Intelligence Unit estimates.

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Origins of gross domestic product 2004a% of totalComponents of gross domestic product 2004a% of total
Agriculture & forestry14.3Private consumption64.9
Industry44.8Government consumption21.0
 Manufacturing34.9Gross fixed investment17.4
Services40.9Exports of goods & services93.6
  Imports of goods & services-97.0
Principal exports fob 2004bUS$ mPrincipal imports cif 2004bUS$ m
Edible concentratesc800 Machinery & transport equipment409
Consumable finished goodsd477Manufactured goods531
Sugar184Food & live animals330
Wood pulp123Chemicals298
Main destinations of exports 2004% of totalMain origins of imports 2004% of total
South Africa72.1South Africa95.5
New Zealand2.6China0.9
a IMF estimates. b Preliminary estimates. c Largely soft-drink concentrate. d Largely textiles and clothing.

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