Country Report Benin April 2008

The domestic economy: Hope for increased production of rice and pineapples

The government is pushing for a programme of agricultural diversification to improve livelihoods and the national economy. As a result, Benin is the testing ground for Nerica (New Rice for Africa), a breed of hardy and disease-resistant rice that could enable Benin to become a major producer of rice in the region. Benin's pineapple growers have also launched a plan to expand the national the pineapple production to 619,000 tonnes per year by 2017, from 120,000 tonnes produced in 2006. Pineapple production in Benin has started and stopped over the past decades and must overcome issues of logistics and transport deficiencies to become a leading earner for the national economy, having been the second-largest Beninese export commodity at various stages in the 1990s.

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