Country Report Laos June 2009

Basic data

Land area

236,800 sq km


5.76m (2006, IMF data)

Main towns

Population of the province in which a main town is situated (2005 population census):

Vientiane (capital): 698,318

Vientiane (province): 388,895

Savannakhet: 825,902

Champasak: 607,370

Luang Prabang: 407,039


Tropical; rainy season, May-October; dry season, November-April

Weather in Vientiane (2006, 531 ft above sea level)

Hottest month, March, 33.4°C; coldest month, January, 17.5°C; wettest month, July, 440 mm rainfall; driest months, November, December and January, 0 mm rainfall


Lao and others


Metric system; local measures include:

1 va = 5 sok = 10 khup = 2 metres

1 rai = 4 ngane = 1,600 sq metres

1 kang = 10 hoi = 1.2 kg


Kip (K). Average exchange rate in 2007: K9,594:US$1. Exchange rate on April 11th 2008: K8,722:US$1


Seven hours ahead of GMT

Fiscal year

October 1st-September 30th

Public holidays

January 1st (New Year); January 6th (Pathet Lao Day); January 20th (Army Day); January 26th (Chinese New Year); March 8th (International Women's Day); March 22nd (Day of the People's Party); April 13th-15th (Pi Mai Lao, or Lao New Year); May 1st (Labour Day); May 9th (Buddha Day); June 1st (Children's Day); July 7th (Khao Pansa); August 13th (Lao Issara); October 4th (Bouk Ok Pansa); October 12th (Day of Liberation); December 2nd (National Day)

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