Country Report Libya November 2009

Data and charts: Annual data and forecast

Nominal GDP (US$ m)42,82052,29754,84575,52446,72360,71360,784
Nominal GDP (LD m)56,02568,69669,25092,40858,29074,71375,149
Real GDP growth (%)
Expenditure on GDP (% real change)       
Private consumption5.
Government consumption2.
Gross fixed investment17.613.
Exports of goods & services3.
Imports of goods & services6.
Origin of GDP (% real change)       
Population and income       
Population (m)5.96.1a6.2a6.
GDP per head (US$ at PPP)13,493b14,30415,29916,40717,48818,57219,216
Fiscal indicators (% of GDP)       
Public-sector revenue66.868.578.178.775.670.867.7
Public-sector expenditure34.031.144.848.877.966.064.8
Public-sector balance32.837.433.429.9-
Net public debt7.0b5.
Prices and financial indicators       
Exchange rate LD:US$ (end-period)1.351.28a1.22a1.25a1.211.241.23
Exchange rate LD:€ (end-period)1.591.70a1.79a1.74a1.781.721.73
Consumer prices (end-period, %)2.9b1.8a6.3a10.4a2.05.35.4
Stock of money M1 (% change)31.815.5a42.4a51.4a20.017.519.0
Stock of money M2 (% change)29.014.1a38.0a49.2a18.917.518.7
Lending interest rate (av; %)6.36.7a6.0a6.0a6.06.57.0
Deposit interest rate (av; %)2.12.5a2.5a2.5a2.52.53.0
Current account (US$ m)       
Trade balance17,67524,254a29,269a40,292a9,88018,31113,587
 Goods: exports fob28,84937,473a46,970a61,950a32,62142,64439,380
 Goods: imports fob-11,174-13,219a-17,701a-21,658a-22,741-24,333-25,793
Services balance-1,815-2,075a-2,556a-4,136a-3,505-3,673-3,848
Income balance-281-595a2,017a586a1,4821,7982,162
Current transfers balance-634586a-219a-1,040a-983-960-994
Current-account balance14,94522,170a28,511a35,702a6,87415,47710,907
External debt (US$ m)       
Debt stock4,291b4,4564,9575,6115,9826,5617,203
Debt service paid978b1,0951,1721,2071,2691,3431,445
 Principal repayments790b8408909401,0151,0901,140
International reserves (US$ m)       
Total international reserves39,70259,483a79,599a92,508a98,970102,921103,435
a Actual. b Economist Intelligence Unit estimates. c Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts.
Source: IMF, International Financial Statistics.

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