Country Report Saudi Arabia May 2011

Data and charts: Quarterly data

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Consumer prices (2000=100)120.7121.3122.8124.7126.1127.7130.2131.8
Consumer prices (% change, year on year)
Wholesale prices (2000=100)111.4112.1113.8114.6115.1117.4118.6120.4
Wholesale prices (% change, year on year)-2.5-5.3-
OPEC basket (US$/barrel)42.958.567.774.375.476.673.883.8
Financial indicators        
Exchange rate SR:US$ (av)3.7503.7503.7503.7503.7503.7503.7503.750
Exchange rate SR:US$ (end-period)3.7503.7503.7503.7503.7503.7503.7503.750
Deposit rate (av; %)2.5201.6730.2810.3990.2650.407n/an/a
M1 (end-period; SR bn)459.8476.1492.7521.6542.0576.9591.3625.6
M1 (% change, year on year)11.710.917.922.617.921.220.019.9
M2 (end-period; SR bn)965.61001.9999.91028.91010.51035.61050.91080.4
M2 (% change, year on year)15.816.412.510.
TASI stockmarket index (end-period; Feb 1985=1,000)4,7045,5966,3226,1226,8016,0946,3926,621
Sectoral trends        
Crude petroleum (m barrels/day)a8.
Foreign tradeb (US$ m)        
Exports fob34,64639,36946,84251,851n/an/an/an/a
Imports fob20,41923,14024,09825,131n/an/an/an/a
Trade balance14,22716,22922,74326,720n/an/an/an/a
Foreign reserves (US$ m)        
Reserves excl gold (end-period)415,167394,598384,871409,694419,821419,134426,170444,722
a Including half share of Neutral Zone production. b Direction of Trade Statistics estimates, figures are subject to revision.
Sources: International Energy Agency, Oil Market Report; IMF, International Financial Statistics, Direction of Trade Statistics; Bloomberg; Platts.

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