Country Report Bangladesh January 1996 Main report

Aid & Development: The World Bank lends for flood prevention--

The World Bank's soft-loan affiliate, the International Development Association (IDA), is to provide a loan of $121.9m for work to prevent the erosion of river banks at two locations on the west bank of the Brahmaputra and to strengthen the flood defences around Sirajganj. The credit will cover 78% of the total project cost of $156m, with the rest financed by the government. Up to 3 million people should benefit from the project, with 125,000 people living in Sirajganj being protected from property loss.

--and coastal embankments

The IDA is also to provide a $53m loan for building and strengthening coastal embankments around the Bay of Bengal, which is prone to tidal waves and cyclones. In the 1991 cyclone up to 140,000 people lost their lives in a cyclone as the poorly maintained coastal embankments were breached in many places. The loan will cover 65% of the $88m cost of the project, and 1.2 million people living along the coast should benefit from it.

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