Country Report Belize October 1996 Main report

Economy: Sugar industry reports a good 1996 season--

Belize Sugar Industries Limited has reported record sugar production of 108,784 long tons in the 1996 season, up from 107,030 long tons in 1995. Molasses production was also a record, at 39,949 long tons, up 13.4% from 35,216 long tons in 1995. The company had anticipated exports totalling about 92,000 long tons, including 50,209 to the EU and 23,178 to the USA; the EU and US exports were expected to earn Bz$82m.

--and the USA increases its import quota

The US Department of Agriculture has announced a 1996/97 sugar import quota for Belize of 17,849 metric tons; additional tonnage may be added in January, March and May 1997 if US sugar stocks are less than 15.5% of domestic demand. The initial allocation represents an increase of 53.6% on the 1995/96 quota of 11,619 tons initially announced last year; four additional allocations, the most recent of which was in June, took the total to 24,524 tons. The quota year runs from October 1-September 30.

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