Country Report Central African Republic August 1997 Main report

Political structure.

Official name: Republique centrafricaine

Form of state: Unitary republic

Legal system: Based on 1986 constitution

National legislature: National Assembly, 85 members elected by universal suffrage serve a five-year term

National elections: August-September 1993 (presidential and legislative); next elections due by August-September 1998 (legislative) and 1999 (presidential)

Head of state: President, elected by universal suffrage to serve a six- year term

National government: The prime minister (nominated by the president) and his nominated Council of Ministers; the government is dominated by the MLPC. Last cabinet reshuffle: February 1, 1997

Main political parties: The presidential majority includes: Mouvement pour la liberation du peuple centrafricain (MLPC); Parti liberal democrate (PLD); Convention nationale (CN); Mouvement d'evolution sociale de l'Afrique noire (MESAN) and the Rassemblement democratique centrafricain (RDC). The seven member parties of the opposition alliance Conseil democratique de l'opposition centrafricaine (Codepo) include: Alliance pour la democratie et le progres (ADP); Front patriotique pour le progres (FPP); Mouvement pour la democratie et le developpement (MDD, formerly Mouvance David Dacko)

President Ange-Felix Patasse (MLPC) Prime minister Michel Gbezera-Bria Minister of state for foreign affairs Jean Mette Yapende (MLPC) Key ministers Defence, army reform & veterans Pascal Kado (MLPC) Economic reform, planning & cooperation Christophe M'Breemaidou (CN) Education Albert Mberio (MLPC) Environment, water, forestry, fisheries & hunting Joseph Gnomba (MDREC) Family & social affairs Eliane Mokodopo (MESAN) Finance & budget Anicet Georges Dologuele (MLPC) Health & population Fernand Djengbot (ind centrist) Human rights & democratic culture Laurent Gomina Pampali (RDC) Justice Marcel Metefara (MLPC) Mining & energy Joseph Agbo (MLPC) Post & telecommunications Michel Bindo (RDC) Public works & infrastructure Jacquesson Mazette (MLPC) Security & regional administration General Francois N'Djadder Bedaya (MLPC) BEAC governor Jean-Felix Mamalepot

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