Country Report Panama March 1998 Main report

Political structure.

Official name: Republic of Panama

Form of state: Presidential democracy with Legislative Assembly and independent judicial system

The executive: The president is head of state, elected for a period of five years by universal adult suffrage; there are two vice-presidents and a cabinet appointed by the president

National legislature: Legislative Assembly, 72-member unicameral legislature, directly elected by adult suffrage for a period of five years

Legal system: The president proposes judges for the Supreme Court; they are approved by the Legislative Assembly to sit for ten-year periods; system of appeal originates in courts of first instance, rising to the Supreme Court at the apex

National elections: May 8th 1994; next national elections (legislative and presidential) due on May 2nd 1999

National government: Ernesto Perez Balladares was sworn in as president in September 1994, after winning the May elections with the backing of a coalition led by the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD); the PRD and its allies have a slim majority in the Legislative Assembly

Main political organisations: Pro-government -- PRD; Partido Solidaridad (PS); Partido Laborista (PL); Partido Liberal Republicano (PLR) Opposition -- Coordinadora Democratica Nacional (CDN) alliance, comprising the Partido Arnulfista (PA); Movimiento Liberal Republicano Nacionalista (MOLIRENA); Partido Liberal Autentico (PLA); Partido Liberal Nacional (PLN); Partido Renovacion Civilista (PRC); Partido Democrata Cristiano (PDC); MORENA Neutral -- Movimiento Papa Egoro (MPE)

President Ernesto Perez Balladares First vice-president Tomas Gabriel Altamirano Duque Second vice-president Felipe Alejandro Virzi Key ministers Agricultural Carlos Sousa Lennox Canal issues Jorge E Ritter Education Pablo Thalassinos Finance & Treasury Miguel Heras Castro Foreign affairs Ricardo Alberto Arias Government & justice Raul Montenegro Health Aida L Moreno de Rivera Housing Francisco Sanchez Cardenas Labour & social welfare Mitchel Doens Planning & economy Guillermo Chapman Presidency Olmedo Miranda Public works Luis Blanco Trade & industry Raul Arango Youth & family Leonor Calderon

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