Country Report Zambia April 2010

Outlook for 2010-11: International relations

Zambia is not expected to face any external threats during the forecast period. Nevertheless, the country's international relations are set to deteriorate as donors express their unhappiness with a perceived softening in the govern-ment's commitment to fighting corruption. On the one hand, the government is angry at what it perceives as donors impinging on its sovereignty, and anti-Western rhetoric may well increase. On the other hand, the government is well aware of its dependence on external financial assistance and is therefore likely to make some efforts to placate donors. This was demonstrated recently, when the government gave renewed assurances that it would ensure the enforcement of more stringent accounting measures at the Ministry of Health, after a corruption scandal there resulted in the suspension of some donor funds. Zambia's engagement with China will continue to grow over the forecast period, but the country will remain predominantly reliant on Western aid.

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