Country Report Zimbabwe September 2010

Data and charts: Annual data and forecast

Nominal GDP (US$ bn)
Real GDP growth (%)-5.4-4.6-5.6-14.4-
Expenditure on GDP (% real change)       
Private consumption9.0-4.5-5.0-13.9-
Government consumption7.7-6.0-6.0-
Gross fixed investment-63.4-1.0-5.0-8.0-
Exports of goods & services-3.4-1.0-0.8-1.2-
Imports of goods & services-2.6-1.5-1.0-
Origin of GDP (% real change)       
Population and income       
Population (m)12.5b12.512.512.512.512.612.6
GDP per head (US$ at PPP)185b183177155154160169
Fiscal indicators (% of GDP)       
Public-sector revenue43.338.837.138.939.539.638.2
Public-sector expenditure45.050.245.845.145.844.542.7
Public-sector balance-1.7-11.4-8.7-6.2-6.3-5.0-4.5
Net public debt191.2b205.9219.1247.0282.6241.9194.7
Prices and financial indicators       
Consumer prices (end-period; %)5.86E+021.28E+03a6.62E+042.16E+235.00E+011.02E+015.01E+00
Lending interest rate (av; %)235.7496.5a579.0450.3352.041.026.0
Current account (US$ m)       
Trade balance-509b-365-421-519-1,200-1,179-1,260
 Goods: exports fob1,595b1,6751,5551,3961,2131,6921,898
 Goods: imports fob-2,104b-2,040-1,975-1,915-2,413-2,871-3,158
Services balance-97b-88-108-146-130-202-249
Income balance-268b-151-144-189-198-180-156
Current transfers balance263b2642662707209711,222
Current-account balance-611b-340-407-584-807-591-444
External debt (US$ m)       
Debt stock4,2554,651a5,292a5,199a5,6675,7725,896
Debt service paid23685a80a29585163
 Principal repayments21033a39a8a362536
Debt service due288438a445a230777356478
International reserves (US$ m)       
Total international reserves160b13911796351376462
a Actual. b Economist Intelligence Unit estimates. c Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts.
Source: IMF, International Financial Statistics.

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